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Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultation

Is your family sleep deprived?


Are you overwhelmed with advice about how to help your baby sleep that just doesn’t feel right to you? 


Are you confused about which sleeping arrangement is best for you and your family?

Do you have questions about:



Night weaning?

Night terrors?

Night waking?

Co-sleeping issues?

Crib sleeping issues?

Crib to toddler bed transitions?

Potty training?

Bed wetting?

Napping schedule? 

Twin sleeping and feeding schedules?

A short series of sleep consultations can get you and your baby on the right track for good healthy sleep. I  will help you clarify the difficulty, indentify areas where you could use more information, formulate a plan, and try out new approaches with support and feedback.


You may find that meeting for just 1-3 sessions can give you the confidence and clarity you need to get your family sleeping well.



If your baby or toddler has endured early medical interventions or has joined your family through adoption then you may have deeper concerns about how to appropriately teach your child to sleep.


The great news is that with proper support and guidance you will be able to:


1. Help your child heal from emotional upset or trauma.

2. Strengthen your parent-child bond.

3. Help your child learn to sleep through the night.



Please call me to discuss a personalized trauma informed sleep plan.Sessions are held either over the phone, in my office, or in your home. 

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