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Parenting Groups


For parents of children ages 0 to 6



Are you confused by your child's big emotions and unsure how to manage them?


Is your child aggressive with you, or siblings?


Does your child have fears about sleeping, or going to the doctor that concern you?


Are you interested in the latest interpersonal neurobiological research and how it correlates with your own best instincts?


Would you like to learn self-soothing techniques to keep you calm when parenting challenges seem to overwhelm you?

Then please join us! 

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Many of the challenges that parents struggle with can be resolved simply with the right kind of information and support.  


My focus is always on strengthening the bond between you and your child because I know that YOU are everything your child needs. 

My Parent SOS group is based on Patty Wipfler's "Parenting by Connection" model, outlined in her book "Listen", and my own clinical expertise in the areas of trauma, somatic processing and mindfulness based psychotherapy.


For parents of infants ages 0-12 months



Are you feeling isolated in your role as a parent?


Do you have questions about nursing, weaning, sleeping, feeding, mood swings, self care, hiring help and more?


Would you like to connect with like-minded parents under the guidance of a professional?


Would you like to develop and stregthen your parenting instincts and learn to trust that you and only you know what is best for your baby?


Would you like to learn self-soothing skills to keep you calm when parenting demands feel overwhelming?


Then please join us for a six-week MINDFUL MAMAS SERIES!


We will address your questions and set you up with a solid foundation for your new life as a parent. Come alone or bring your baby. This is a time for parents to connect and to receive and exchange information.

Classes are 6 consecutive weeks and cost $300 for the series. $50 due upon registration to secure your spot. Sliding scale may be available on an individualized basis.



Mondays 7pm - 8:30pm


SATURDAYS 9am -10:30am

Email to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to assess whether your needs can be appropriately addressed in a parenting class. 

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